John Jansen
President, Allied Systems (Canada) Company
EVP, Customer Relations and Business Development AAG

John Jansen

John has 30 years experience in automotive logistics and transportation. John leads our Canadian operations and is also responsible for customer relations and business development throughout North America. John has previously held positions as Vice President of Labour Relations, Director of Operations, Director of Human Resources and Director of Risk Management in the automotive transportation sector.

John has vast experience in:
  • Merging and restructuring of operations
  • Negotiations and Labor Relations (Past Chair of the Eastern Canada Car Carriers Employers Negotiating Committee)
  • Development and promotion of an Alternative Dispute Resolution process across Canada
  • Management of Pension and Health & Welfare funds, Co-Chair of CACL Pension Fund, Former trustee ECCC Pension fund, Former trustee Teamsters Canada Pension Fund, Former trustee ECCC Health & Welfare Fund
  • Automotive Logistics
  • Transportation management

John has studied Business Administration at Durham College and Economics at Trent University. John is married with 3 children.

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